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Sabine Reinhart, Artists around the World Blog Hop

I am so happy to be taking part in the „Artists Around the World“ blog hop. Welcome to my little post!

I was invited by the super talented and super sweet Mette Engell. Mette was born and raised on Zealand, the largest island in Denmark. She studied marine biology at the University of Copenhagen, and after getting her Masters, she started working as a freelance webdesigner at night, while designing LANs and WANs for a major ISP in Denmark during the day. I met Mette during Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells A course in spring this year. I have been so delighted to see her amazing work and assignments during our fellowship in this class and I am very honored that she thought of me!

Here are some of Mette’s wonderful pieces.




This lovely piece was created for MATS Bootcamp. We had to create an illustration for a fable from Aesop called ‘The Fox and the Crow’.


See many more f her beautiful designs at her website. You can also read her lovely blog hop post over there. Thank you for writing such nice words about my work, Mette!

As part of the blog hop, I will answer a few questions about myself and then point you to some other artists whose work I love and who inspire me. I was so lucky and found three amazingly talented artists.

Let’s start with the questions!

1.What are you writing/working on?

For the last years I have mainly concentrated on creating floral illustrations and patterns. Though I love flowers I felt that it was time for further development and to explore the world outside of my botanical garden.
At the beginning of this year I decided to take Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells course as well as her Bootcamp and all I can say is that these courses affected my creative life in so many ways. Not only is there such a fantastic community of wonderful and inspiring artists and designers from all over the world but I got the chance to dive into different assignments. Working on these always gives you the opportunity to learn something about yourself and your creative process. Looking back at my first assignment which was about cuckoo clocks I can see how much I have learned – and must admit that the same assignment would result in a completely different design today. Which is good and bad at the same time :)
I fell in love with children’s illustration and am currently developing my style and working on new pieces for my portfolio and Etsy shop. Recently, I have just been happily creating a piece for Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search (GTS). The assignment was about “Little Terrariums”.

Sabine Reinhart, Home, GTS2014

Here is a detailed image showing Granma Lizzy.

Sabine Reinhart, Home, GTS2014

I am very inspired by Mid Century Modern style and try to insert it into my illustrations. This is Smitti, a fisherman in between little retro elements and textures.

Sabine Reinhart, One Fine Fisherman

I have uploaded a new Facebook Header that reflects my love for children’s illustration.
Sabine Reinhart, Virtual Assistants

2.How does your work differ from others in your genre?

Sometimes I think I am the only person on earth working with vectors only. Everything I do is vector, and I enjoy finding new ways to incorporate hand drawn or textured elements in my vector files. I use Photoshop to prepare my scanned drawings and textures but in the end it’s all Illustrator which is a bit crazy as some things would be much easier to accomplish in Photoshop. Yes, I admit, it’s true: All I need to be happy is Adobe Illustrator (and chocolate). Call me Miss Vector 😉

3. Why do you create?

It’s my life. I can’t go for too long without creating. It makes me happy and sad, it makes me dance and sleep, it makes me strong and weak. All at once. I enjoy both creating and looking at wonderful art from other artists, sometimes it’s like a journey. I am very lucky.
William Shakespeare said „The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.“

4.How does your creative process work?

When I start any project the most important and challenging thing is to find an idea and concept I can build on. I think this is a left over from my time working as a graphic designer. I’ll capture my ideas and thoughts on paper and scan the best sketches. Since Bootcamp I am calling these mini assignments. They are very important to me. Sometimes I ink my sketches before scanning, sometimes I bring the pencil sketches into Illustrator – this is different and depends on my mood.

Well, that’s enough about me. I would like to introduce three wonderful artists who are also joining the blog hop…first up, Miriam Bos. I know Miriam from Lilla Rogers Bootcamp this year. She’s is an illustrator and surface pattern designer from the Netherlands. Miriam studied at the Academy of Arts (Willem de Kooning Academie) in Rotterdam. In 2002 Miriam received her Bachelor of Fine Arts for illustration and in 2004 she also graduated as Teacher of Fine arts. In 2013 Miriam joined Forest Foundry, an art collective of 8 very talented illustrators & designers.

This is the lovely little terrarium Miriam created for this year’s Global Talent Search.


Miriam was a finalist in the Fabric8 contest organised by Spoonflower and Robert Kaufman Fabrics. The theme was Cosmic Voyage, and she created the wonderful Le Jardin Cosmique.





Both of us met again in Lilla Rogers’ Make Art that Sells class. One of the assignments was to create an illustration for a fable from Aesop called ‘The Fox and the Crow’.


Isn’t this gorgeous?

If you like to see more of Miriam wonderful illustrations just go and have a look at her website.

The next super talented illustrator I would like to tell you about is Tara Lilly from Portland, Oregon. I met Tara in Lilla Rogers Bootcamp and was immediately loving her great style.
Tara created this beautiful piece for this year’s Global Talent Search and she is a semi-finalist!


Wishing you good luck for the next assignments, Tara!

In Bootcamp, one assignment was to create an editorial illustration ‘How to meditate’.


She also did wonderful pieces for other assignments.




If you like to see more of Tara’s gorgeous work please have a look at her website or her blog.

Last, but definitely not least let me introduce you to Luda Kiperberg.

I also know Luda from Lilla Rogers Bootcamp this year. She’s an illustrator from Brooklyn, New York with a Bachelors Degree in Communication Design.

Luda posts beautiful sketches on her tumblr blog.





And these are some sweet pieces created during Bootcamp:



Aren’t these just lovely?

It’s been such a pleasure sharing the wonderful work of these great artists! All of them will post for the blog hop on Saturday 6th September. Don’t forget to check out their posts!

All images by courtesy of their respective owners.


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    • Hallo Janna,
      oh wie schön, ein Kommentar auf Deutsch! Vielen Dank fürs Lesen und Schreiben :) Es ist schön, dass dir mein Terrarium gefällt. Ich bin auch ganz begeistert von deiner Illustration!
      Liebe Grüße,

  2. Lovely post and lots of gorgeous pictures to look at from all of you. Thank you for adding your post to the linky!

    Do you know, my favourite question on these is the ‘Why do you create?’ – almost everyone of us does it because we can’t not do it! I know I get very, very down and even jittery if I haven’t at the very least drawn something in a day and if I haven’t made a new design of some kind by the end of the week it’s not a good week!

    • Hi Tasha,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It was my pleasure to add my post to your linky!

      You are so right regarding the “Why do you create?” question :) People that are not in the creative field sometimes think I am a little crazy. We are different :) Recently I saw your post of the Friday evening with some wine and some creative stuff to work on, that was just perfect and the kind of evening I LOVE!

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