Twined Journey

Sabine Reinhart, Twined Journey No.01

A Happy New Year 2015 for everyone out there! May your year be filled with health, success and luck!

I have concentrated on commissioned work for the last weeks and missed some silent moments for personal creations. As I feel these are important to me I thought about a personal project I can start right on the first day of the New Year.

2014 was a special year to me as an illustrator. There was a huge change in my style as I fell in love with children’s illustration around March/April after doing floral designs for many years. I had some sleepless nights because I didn’t know if it was a good idea to change it but in the end it’s all about development. I tried not to think too much about it and just concentrated on new illustrations and characters. It would have been great for me to have some kind of visualization regarding this process – and this is what my personal art project for the New Year is about.

I will create single illustrations that are connected seamlessly. It’s not about a compact story like a children’s book but it shall be the visualization of my development as an illustrator. I call it “Twined Journey”.
Of course I don’t know where the journey will take me. The style may vary depending on my mood and as a result of the exploration of ideas and subjects but all illustrations shall contain flowers and quotes. It’s time to combine my flowers with my characters and scenes. I think about adding some seamless floral patterns as well as I will create many many new flowers.
Depending on other projects I cannot promise to work on the Twined Journey daily. This would be wonderful but even an illustrator needs to pay the bills.

So this is the first illustration of my personal art project “Twined Journey”. The next illustration will either be a seamless pattern that consists of the flowers I used here or it will be illustration No.02 that can be connected seamlessly to the first.

Let the Twined Journey begin.

Sabine Reinhart, Twined Journey No.01, Detail

Sabine Reinhart, Twined Journey No.01, Detail


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